Why the iPhone 5 Doesn’t Need LTE

With the release of the new iPad, the blogosphere has already begun looking forward to the release of the next iteration of the iPhone. The addition of next generation LTE cellular connectivity was a welcome addition to the iPad. In fact, the new iPad is the first Apple device to include LTE connectivity. Connection speeds with LTE have been nothing short of breathtaking, even clocking in faster than a lot of users’ home broadband connection. I’ve personally seen... Read More

Why I Cancelled My Lytro Camera Order

For anyone not familiar, Lytro has introduced what is considered a revolution in digital photography: instead of a series of inline lenses that move axially to focus incoming light on a CMOS sensor, the Lytro camera focusses light through thousands of tiny lenses onto a sensor, creating what the company calls a “light field”. This allows things like focus and perspective to be changed via software after the photo is taken. This means very fast image capture because... Read More

Quit Telling Me What I Should Buy

PC Mag has their review up of the new iPad, as well as plenty of other outlets. They give it their “Editor’s Choice”, whatever that means. What stood out to me is that the reviewer says it’s not worth the upgrade from an iPad 2. He says the Retina display and LTE are only a $200 upgrade, not a $350 upgrade after offloading your current iPad. Why are the new features only worth $350? What a ridiculous claim. “The economics don’t work out,”... Read More