Indie Bands Allowed on iTunes?

Macgasm is reporting today that Apple has released iTune Producer to certain group of people via Software Update. This could signal a change of heart for the iTunes store, where unsigned bands (and bands signed to very small labels) will be able to upload and sell their music on the iTunes Store. If this actually occurs, it would be very similar to what Apple has done with the iBooks Store: opened up to budding writers to self publish their work (and get paid!) by selling their... Read More

iOS 4.2 is Here-Fire Up Your Updator

As a member of the Developer Program, I’ve been using iOS 4.1, then 4.2, then 4.2.1, for some time now. I love it. Now it’s finally released to the general public, so go get it via iTunes Update or direct download here when Apple  makes it available. Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Beatles! Wait-what?!

Big announcement from Apple today. Huge. Cloud media storage? iTunes library streaming? Nope. The Beatles. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Beatles as much as the  next guy-probably more. But let’s face it-the rumor mill ran wild here (as it always does), and we were expecting something a little more…big. Realistically, though-no media event, no Steve Jobs in black turtleneck and jeans. How big of an announcement could it be? But that’s the point-once... Read More