CoM: Predicting the iPad 4 Based On iPhone 5

John Brownlee over at Cult of Mac talks about what we can surmise from the specs of the iPhone 4. He says an A6X processor, in-cell display (maybe Sharp IGZO display), better battery, and Lightning connector. Not a bad read, but Brownlee, as per usual, doesn’t do a lot of proofreading before hitting the “publish” button. Source: Cult of Mac   Did you like this? Share it: Read More

AllThingsD Posts iPhone 5/Galaxy S III/Lumia 920 Spec Sheet

Bonnie Cha over at AllThingsD has posted a great table comparing the specs for the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8. I'm the last guy who would claim any particular phone is right for everyone, and this might help some fence-sitters decide which way they want to go if they're looking for a new smartphone. Even though Apple has never sold the iPhone based on specs, I know some people really look at hardware specs when making... Read More

PC Mag iPhone 5 Hands On

I always love reading iPhone and other Apple product news and reviews from non-Apple sources. Sascha Segan has posted a hands on post with pics and video afor the iPhone 5. “The iPhone 5 doesn't need to be the highest spec phone in the world. It needs to be a well-built, competitive phone that does everything you expect from an iPhone, better.” Segan says. Nice hands on. Via: PC Mag   Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Delicious iPhone Cases and Skins-Review

Delicious iPhone Cases and Skins When people think of electronics, food usually isn’t something people associate with it. For some inexplicable reason, some creators of iPhone accessories set out to make food top-of-mind for iPhone users everywhere. Heads will turn and stomachs will growl at the sight of these delectable food cases/skins for the iPhone:   Japanese cuisine fans starving for sumptuous covers that show their love for that style of cooking can drool over the... Read More

iDownloadblog Reports Apple working on LTE iPhone

iDownloadblog is reporting that code snippets from iOS 5.1 indicate that Apple is building in hooks for calling and FaceTime over LTE networks. Some of the hooks are: “4G_ON_CALL_CANCEL” = “Cancel” “4G_ON_FACETIME_4G_WARNING_DISABLE” Much more and lots of screenshots at the link below. Source: iDownloadblog Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Why the iPhone 5 Doesn’t Need LTE

With the release of the new iPad, the blogosphere has already begun looking forward to the release of the next iteration of the iPhone. The addition of next generation LTE cellular connectivity was a welcome addition to the iPad. In fact, the new iPad is the first Apple device to include LTE connectivity. Connection speeds with LTE have been nothing short of breathtaking, even clocking in faster than a lot of users’ home broadband connection. I’ve personally seen... Read More

Windows Phone to Outsell iPhone in China

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Source: Techflash Did you like this? Share it: Read More

iOS 4.2 is Here-Fire Up Your Updator

As a member of the Developer Program, I’ve been using iOS 4.1, then 4.2, then 4.2.1, for some time now. I love it. Now it’s finally released to the general public, so go get it via iTunes Update or direct download here when Apple  makes it available. Did you like this? Share it: Read More

White iPhone 4

With all the hubub these days with the white iPhone (or lack thereof), and the pressure the kid from New York is getting from Apple for importing white iPhone parts, I thought I’d post a pic of the white iPhone conversion I did of Mrs. T-S’s iPhone 4. Here it’s sporting the pink bumper. It took about 3 hours (and lots of guts!) to complete the conversion, but the final product justifies the trouble and voided warranty, no? Did you like this? Share it: Read More