Killer Microsoft/Intel Strategy?

Tim Bajarin is reporting for Time that Microsoft and Intel have a strategy to topple Apple’s lock on the tablet business, as well as make inroads into the small notebook market where the Macbook Air is exploding. “The secret weapon is a new form factor often referred to as “hybrids.” These are tablets that can be docked into a keyboard, effectively making them either a laptop or a laptop with a detachable keyboard,” says Bajarin. While one could say Apple... Read More

What PC World Thinks They Know About Upcoming Windows 8 Tablets

Jared Newman has posted a nice roundup of the latest rumors re: Windows 8 tablets. It’s interesting that it appears that Lenovo and Samsung will initially be supporting the Intel SOC; the other tablets appear to be running on ARM. The main difference, of course, seems to be that the ARM tabs will have to run Metro UI-optimized apps, while the Intel SOC will run Metro and x86-nased apps. Late 2012 is all we have for a launch date. Via PC World Did you like this? Share it: Read More