Batterygate is “Nonsense”

So the iPad battery charge indicator says you’re fully charged, but it really isn’t. Displaymate is saying you could actually (and need to) charge your iPad over an hour longer to actually fully charge the device. This has been termed “Batterygate”. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes at ZDnet says this is nonsense, and that the iPad is charging properly. “(t)he last thing you want to happen is to overcharge a big lithium-ion battery pack and have it swell up... Read More

How to Conserve the iPad Battery

Ars has a post about steps iPad users can take to conserve their battery power. The tips all seem like common sense: Lower the Brightness setting Turn off LTE and/or Wifi when not in use Turn off Push Notifications Disable Photostream and other iCloud services View locally-cached videos intend of YouTube Utilize locally-cached documents, etc. I haven’t noticed any battery issues at all on the new iPad, even when on LTE. In fact, I streamed the Angry Mac Bastards and The... Read More