New iPad Users Destroying Their Data Plans

Wall Street Journal has a story about users of new iPads running through their data plans by watching videos and doing other more mundane wireless tasks. One user reported going through his 2GB data plan in only a couple of hours. The users spotlighted are on both AT&T and Verizon. The main culprit is the higher bandwidth requirements of the carriers’ 4G LTE network. Says WSJ, “The technology promises to boost mobile download speeds by 10 times compared with third-generation... Read More

AT&T Pays Up for Throttling! In Other News, Pigs Fly and Hell Freezes Over

Mashable! is reporting that Matt Spaccarelli, who successfully sued AT&T Wireless for throttling his “unlimited” data plan, actually cut him a check for $935. Opinions have been mixed since Spaccarelli had technically broken the Terms of Service by tethering his iPhone without a tethering plan, but having received a warning myself about using too much data (less than 2GB!), I definitely understand the frustration with not really getting the “unlimited”... Read More