Motorola Mobile/Google Slapped With Injunction in Germany

Foss Patents is reporting that Motorola Mobile (owned by Google) has been judged to have infringed Apple's patent for “rubber banding”, also called “bounce back scrolling”, in a German court in Munich. Foss reports that Apple may ask for an injuction, ask that Motorola destroy all infringing devices, or issue a recall once Apple posts the appropriate bond. This would be the third injuction obtained by Apple over Motorola in Germany based on Android's... Read More

Sony Releases ICS Update for Xperia PLAY

Although it’s in Beta, it’s good to see manufacturers rolling out the latest version of Android for handsets. Sony is soliciting feedback from those willing to try the Beta. The download page is here: Download Source: Phandroid Did you like this? Share it: Read More

“Smoked by Windows” Cheating by Microsoft? (U): Microsoft Pays Up

Electronista is reporting that Microsoft’s “Smoked by Windows Phone” got pwned by a Galaxy Nexus, and they refused to pay up (an HP Ultrabook) when a Galaxy Nexus user smoked Windows Phone at a Microsoft store. It’s being reported on Reddit that the Wifi network at the Microsoft stores is set up in such a way that it throttles non-Windows Phone smartphones, one result being that the deck is stacked against non-Wiindows Phone phones for the challenge.   The... Read More

Android 5.0 “Jelly Bean” Said to Launch Q3 2012

Digitimes is reporting today that the next version of Android OS (5.0 Jelly Bean) will launch at the end of the year. As per usual, the site doesn’t link to a source, so take it with a grain of salt. However, Google is known for very fast updates that such that fragmentation can occur and adoption of of the new OS is slow. Digitimes does state that adoption of Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has only reached 2-3%. Source: Digitimes Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Android an Utter Failure?

Jay Yarow has an interesting piece over at Business Insider, where he opines why the iPad has dominated the tablet market thus far. Definitely peruse the Comments section of the page-very interesting… Source: Business Insider Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Google Apps Crash Twice as Much as Others on ICS

ZDNet’s James Kendrick claims anecdotally that the apps created by Google crash twice as much as other apps on its new OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. “The worst offender is the Gmail app, a great email app in every way except it crashes all the time. Sometimes it crashes when updating the inbox, other times when composing an email. It runs fine and then the app just disappears, kicking me back to the home screen,” claims Kendrick. He continues, “Maybe Google is... Read More