Delicious iPhone Cases and Skins-Review

Strapya Case

Delicious iPhone Cases and Skins When people think of electronics, food usually isn’t something people associate with it. For some inexplicable reason, some creators of iPhone accessories set out to make food top-of-mind for iPhone users everywhere. Heads will turn and stomachs will growl at the sight of these delectable food cases/skins for the iPhone:   Japanese cuisine... Read More

AllThingsD Compare Nike Fuelband with Fitlink

Courtesy: AllThingsD

Nice comparo between these 2 exercise data collection technologies. I’ve been trying to get ahold of a Fuelband, but they have been sold out to anyone who didn’t preorder theirs from the beginning, so I’m still waiting. The reviewer seems to prefer the Fitlink, but I think the wearability of the Fuelband will make it more of a no-brainer, and the user is more likely... Read More