Promenade Temecula Apple Store Break-In Update (w/Surveillance Video)

E R Howard-Apple Store BMW Bandit

Last week's break in at the Promenade Temecula Apple Store was quite the surprise for the relatively quiet and upscale community of Temecula. We have since learned that the driver of the break in vehicle, one Equonne R. Howard (22), drove his own 2003 BMW X-5 through the glass and drop down gate. A passenger loaded up on iPods and iPhones (no MacBooks or MacBook Airs!), as Howard... Read More

BREAKING-Apple Store Temecula Driven Into By Car


The vehicle apparently got away, but police are searching for it. More as it becomes available, and I’ll clean up the photo formatting later. Update: Apparently it was a smash and grab, and some hardware was taken… Did you like this? Share it: Read More

Consumer Reports: iPad Runs 12-13 degrees Hotter than iPad 2

Courtesy: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports has just released the results of their thermal testing on the iPad and iPad 2. They ran Infinity Blade 2 for 45 minutes, and found that the iPad ran 12-13 degrees F warmer than the iPad 2 under the same conditions. The 1 degree difference is based on whether or not the iPad is plugged in while running the game. What I found particularly interesting is this quote:... Read More

AT&T Pays Up for Throttling! In Other News, Pigs Fly and Hell Freezes Over


Mashable! is reporting that Matt Spaccarelli, who successfully sued AT&T Wireless for throttling his “unlimited” data plan, actually cut him a check for $935. Opinions have been mixed since Spaccarelli had technically broken the Terms of Service by tethering his iPhone without a tethering plan, but having received a warning myself about using too much data (less... Read More

Tech-SHIZZLE is Looking for Bloggers

Write for us, won't you?

Write for us, won't you? Fame and fortune await you! Ok, maybe not, but you can bring your love for tech, sports, you name it, to Tech-SHIZZLE, and get started blogging for an organization that loves these things as much as you do. Sure, tech is our focus, but we’re really poking to expand the scope of the content we publish, and would love to give you a platform for spotlighting... Read More

Street Photography in Florence


A few quick snaps from my recent month-long trip to Italy with the Sony NEX-5. Did you like this? Share it: Read More