AllThingsD Posts iPhone 5/Galaxy S III/Lumia 920 Spec Sheet

Courtesy AllThingsD

Bonnie Cha over at AllThingsD has posted a great table comparing the specs for the new iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8.

I'm the last guy who would claim any particular phone is right for everyone, and this might help some fence-sitters decide which way they want to go if they're looking for a new smartphone.

Even though Apple has never sold the iPhone based on specs, I know some people really look at hardware specs when making these kinds of decisions.

Via AllThingsD


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  • Michael

    Keep in mind that specs don’t say anything about the quality of it. Take the display for example, it’s plain excellent on the iphone 5 while the S3 AMOLED display shows most colors wrong, which may not matter unless you are into photography or want to watch movies with netflix in full quality… I have not personally had a chance to check out the Nokia Lumia screen yet, but the S3 I toyed with was horrible.